There are quite a few good reasons that Wordpress is the top website deployment platform – and is used for more than 75 million websites, making up more than 30% of all currently-active websites on the internet.

But the biggest reason Wordpress is so popular is because of its flexibility. By using Wordpress and adding a WordPress page builder like Elementor, you can instantly get access to all of the tools you need to build a gorgeous, professionally-designed website.

Why is Elementor such a game-changer for Wordpress development? In this article, we’ll look at just a few reasons why your Wordpress website should be using Elementor. Let’s get started.

  1. Simplified, All-In-One Workflows Streamline The Development Process

Whether you choose to try to build your website on your own or you hire a development agency, the streamlined workflows of Elementor make it easy for you to quickly iterate upon your main concepts and build a beautiful, functional website.

95% of customers agree that a good user experience is the most important part of using a website – and a streamlined workflow makes it easier for you to build multiple prototypes of your website, test them for usability, and ensure that you give your customers the excellent user experience that they deserve.

2. Create Jaw-Dropping Websites With Powerful Visual Design Tools

User experience is important, but so is strong, visually-impactful design. Elementor is what is known as a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) page editor.

In other words, you can add elements directly to each page, and what you see while building the page is exactly what you’ll get when you complete your project, and release the page on a public website. You can easily see a 1:1 representation of how your website will look throughout the development process.

This, in turn, allows you to build a more visually-interesting website – and this is critical for your success. 38% of customers will stop engaging with an ugly website, according to BlueCorona, and 48% of people believe that a website’s design is the “#1 factor” in determining its credibility. Additionally, 40% of customers will switch to a different website if they visit a page that’s not friendly for mobile browsing.

Using Elementor, it’s easy to build a jaw-dropping, modern, and mobile-friendly website that helps maximize conversions and boosts the credibility of your business.

3. Lower Loading Times Lead To Higher Conversion Rates

Elementor has been designed to be lightweight and allow for a highly efficient, streamlined website design. In turn, this helps boost page loading speeds and decrease overall loading times for your end users.

This may not seem important to you – but it is. Most users expect your website to load within 2 seconds. If your website loads within 2 seconds, it will have an average bounce rate – the rate at which a customer clicks a single page and closes your website without visiting another page – of 9%. If your website loads in 5 seconds, this spikes to more than 38%.

The more quickly your website loads, the more likely users are to explore it in more detail, too. According to the same above study, websites that load within 5 seconds have a 70% longer session length than websites that take 19 seconds to load.

4. Developer-Friendly Tools Add Unlimited Extensibility

If you’re looking to develop your own website and you have the technical skills to add custom functionality, it’s easy to do so with Elementor, which features a number of developer-friendly tools which can be used to build custom integrations and features.

Even if you’re not planning on building your website yourself, these tools make it easy for an outside web design company to build custom extensions and features for your website, and integrate third-party applications and databases.

Elementor has a large community of developers, extensions, and development documentation, as well as customized APIs that allow for additional features to be integrated into your website quickly and easily.

5. Powerful Forms And Marketing Tools Help You Connect With Customers

Elementor has a number of powerful tools that can help you connect with your customers and maximize conversions.

From online fillable forms and contact forms, to pop-ups that help capture leads and customer information, and even content marketing tools that assist in the optimization of website and blog content for SEO, Elementor helps you maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Best of all, you can use all of these tools without the help of a developer. Using a completely end-to-end visual form builder, you can build pop-ups and forms with eye-catching designs, all without having to touch a single line of code.

Beyond this, Elementor even has native integration features for top marketing tools and software suites, including:

● MailChimp
● Drip
● ActiveCampaign
● HubSpot
● MailPoet
● GetResponse
● Yoast

And much more. Using the powerful, extensible Elementor platform and these third-party tools, it’s easy to build a customer-focused, inbound marketing strategy that is sure to get results.

This is critical for your business – a properly-crafted inbound marketing strategy that relies on SEO and content marketing to bring in customers can be up to 10x more effective for acquiring customers than a traditional outbound marketing strategy, which may use cold-calling, mailers, and other such marketing tools.

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Elementor is a powerful Wordpress platform, and is ideal for those who want to develop a modern, responsive, and SEO-optimized website. But if you are not comfortable with developing a website on your own, we know just the place.

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